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To be a successful farmer one must first know the nature of the soil.

- Xenophon, (more...)

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The Nature of Design: Ecology... David W. Orr. (more...)

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I got your back!  I speak up for wildlife.
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eNature: ZipGuides

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Children have nature–deficien... By Traci Newell , 2006/09/13.

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Peace Be With You

Who is EConsulting™?

EConsulting™—pronounced ē kən sult´iŋ—is a diversified consulting company located in the former "Horse Capital of the World," Lexington, KY.  We formed in January 2006 because Obiora, the Founder/CEO tired of the "wolf in sheep’s clothing" that masquerade as being "environmentally friendly" because it’s profitable.  Therefore, Obiora decided to bring to fruition his dream—become an entrepreneur and follow in the footsteps of his father and maternal grandfather.  Obiora believes that one should use ALL of his/her abilities for the greater good, especially those in positions of power and influence.

Our diverse products and services stem from the varied interests and skills of Obiora.  When he started EConsulting™, he decided to interweave his abilities and broad knowledge base to develop a company that will be a part of the movement to engineer a better future™.

What is the vision of EConsulting™?

The Founder/CEO hopes that through utilizing alternative technology (i.e., Open Source Software), eco‐conscious ideas and thoughts, our minds, math and logic, and engineering principles while partnering with other like–minded businesses, organizations, and individuals—"group of committed citizens", we can help solve the problems that we humans have created.

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