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Farmers are the only indispensable people on the face of the earth.

- Li Zhaoxin (more...)

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I got your back!  I speak up for wildlife.
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Peace Be With You

EConsulting™ is an eco‐conscious and Kentucky Proud business in Lexington, KY.  In 2013 we partnered with EcoC2S to form Getting Back to Nature. On Saturday, 10 November 2018 we are hosting Fall 2018 Fundraiser: A Celebration of Nature and Family.

Eco‐consciousness—like democracy—is a goal to be attained.  Everyday we make business decisions that reflect it.  Being green is not enough.  Some companies flaunt their greenness as a marketing ploy and do not operate their business on the very principles of what it means to be green!

We have been and continue to be conscious of our actions, especially with regards to local and national initiatives.  For example, when there was a call to action locally to give out Compact Fluorescent Light (CFL) bulbs we stood by our principles and chose not to participate as we knew the hazards it entailed.  In 2010, several articles were written for the Peaceways newsletter because education is important!