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Peace Be With You

A part of our vision is to help solve the problems that we humans have created—anthropogenic—during the Age of Patriarchy.  Collectively and individually, we must preserve, understand, and rekindle the sacred Earth connection.  In doing so, it’s imperative that those of US who have lost their green thumb or never had one to (re‐)learn how to grow food.

Growing food is an essential component of human civilizations, even though in industrialized countries it has become a lost art.  By not growing food, spending excessive amounts of time indoors with man‐made (synthetic and artificial) devices, blindly pursuing material wealth, etc., we lost our sacred Earth connection and it has negatively impacted the youth, low‐income families, and people that live in the inner–city and small towns.

In (re‐)establishing our sacred connection, we must spend time with and in what is real and natural (i.e., the living and breathing soil).  We must do so in a way that we are able to gain a greater sense of our humanity.  We think one of the best methods to achieve this transformation is through gardening/farming.

We have recognized this connection and began selling fruit, vegetable, and herb seeds in 2007.  During the start of our transformation in 2009, we understood the importance of heirloom/heritage seeds seeds and have continued to increase our

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