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Our farm policy, like our energy policy, is simply to use up all we can. We are (more...)

- Wendell Be (more...)

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I got your back!  I speak up for wildlife.
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Lexington–Fayette County, Kentucky Recycling

Below we have included recycling centers and drop off locations for items that our city does not recycle:

  • graphic bullet Lexington Herald-Leader plastic bags
    • Lexington Herald Leader's Central Ky Circulation Manager
  • graphic bullet Foam "packing peanuts" (aka polystyrene loose fill) and bubble wrap
    • The MailBox @ 3735 Palomar Centre Dr (859-224-4656)
  • graphic bullet Foam "packing peanuts" (aka polystyrene loose fill)
    • The UPS Store @ 838 East High St (859-268-6231)
  • graphic bullet Cell phones and rechargeable batteries
    • Good Foods Market & Café @ 455 Southland Dr (859-278-1813)
  • graphic bullet Household (alkaline and rechargeable) batteries
    • Batteries Plus @ 3094 Richmond Rd (859-266-0815 )
  • graphic bullet PDAs, video games, cameras, DVDs, iPODs, laptops, cell phones, inkjet and laserjet printer cartridges
  • graphic bullet Scrap metal and iron
    • Baker Iron & Metal Company @ 740 Rockcastle St (859-255-5676)
    • Gordon Scrap Iron and Metal @ 637 Patterson St (859-246-1010)
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