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You Reap What We Sow™
Personal Gardener

09 July 2011
Click to see image of Latitude Artist Community plot on 09 July 2011
Our Service | 2010–2011 | 2014


In 2010, we started our You Reap What We Sow™ (AKA personal gardening) service.  Through a former business relationship that Obiora, the Founder/CEO had with Bruce Burris, Co-Founder/Co-Director of Latitude Artist Community (LAC), we "inherited" LAC’s plot at Southland Community Garden in Hill N Dale Park.

We did an artistic design with the carrot seeds that Bruce purchased from us.  We decided to create the letters, "LA" using carrots to represent Latitude Artist Community.  In addition to the design, we kept a garden log, watered when there long periods without water, picked weeds as needed, harvested and delivered the produce to LAC.

In Fall 2010, we sowed Winter Rye, which is one of the best cover crops to use in Kentucky.  It was tilled in during the late Winter and some of it was left on the sides in 2011 as the flowers had attracted beneficial insects!  In 2011, we planted watermelon, Nasturtiums, carrots, and more.

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