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I got your back!  I speak up for wildlife.
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We believe in and support Open Source Software (OSS)—we feel that it’s the present and future of computer software.  Supporting and using OSS is a good step in the right direction as its built within a community of developers, translators, end users, volunteers, etc.  It shows how people of different backgrounds, languages, cultures, and geographical locations can work together for a common cause.

We know that to solve many of our current problems, we the people (including small businesses) have to remove the power and control of the multi-national, transnational, and international corporations that have held a monopoly in our lives.  In addition, non-profits/not for profits, small businesses, those individuals that claim to be progressive, eco-conscious, environmentally friendly, free thinkers, rebellious, "tree huggers," anti-capitalists, etc. need to rethink their financial support, patronage, and free advertising of businesses that develop proprietary/closed source software.  The financial support makes these corporations richer, while undermining the integrity, security, vitality, etc. of our personal and business lives through their restrictive licenses, policies, and actions.

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