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Peace Be With You
"Being green," eco‐consciousness, and quantum thought
A case of compact fluorescent lights

By Obiora Embry
Published in November 2009 issue of North of Center

We are told that "green" is the new "thing," yet seldom do we go beyond "being green"—an action often limited to reducing our energy consumption—to arrive at a deeper consciousness of thinking, living, behaving, and doing or eco‐consciousness.  For US to survive the problems that we humans have created, it will take more than simple–minded actions or "being green" to undo our continued desecration, pillaging, and rape of Mother Earth.

In order to save ourselves before it’s too late, we the people will have to act with a purpose and an understanding of the sacred and symbiotic relationship between the human body and Mother Earth that we rely upon for our survival.  We cannot switch from one evil to a lesser evil—from incandescent bulbs to compact fluorescent lights (CFLs), from a gasoline engine to a hybrid gas/electric engine, or from energy powered by coal to nuclear or hydrogen, etc.—and hope that our misguided actions will immediately restore our only home, Gaia, to a stasis or equilibrium that will continue to sustain humans, well rather subset of humans as we have been devolving since the Industrial Age.  A government and media‐driven focus to perform simple–minded actions that can be done in‐between commercial breaks, during a lull in a favorite TV show(s), or while pausing "live" TV is counterproductive to developing a deeper level of thinking or eco-consciousness.  It goes

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