Renewable Energy Resources
The History of Solar
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Peace Be With You

Garden planning and design cont’d

Find your own path in the garden and use Nature as your guide

the initial consultation, we will discuss your garden plans, the potential location, light requirements, and get a "feel" for your garden space.  Our garden planning and design service also includes constructing a raised bed (if needed), preparing the soil, and sowing seeds.  The garden that we design for you will be unique and based on your likes and dislikes.

Our gardens are made with love, a respect for Mother Nature, and are designed using creative thinking.  Contact us to design your garden.

Our Philosophy

If a healthy harvest is desired, an integrative approach should be taken.  During the past 14 years, we have used the "Cuban method of gardening"—watering the roots and not the soil, biodiversity, companion planting, interplanting, bio‐intensive planting, and to a lesser extent biodynamic farming.  Our gardens have little to no weeds, a healthy root system, and attract beneficial insects.

If local food revolutions are to be sustained, we must grow food using Mother Nature as a guide.

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