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Garden planning and design

Start a garden and find ways to help your community produce food...

In 2006, we started "gardening in small spaces" using different sizes, shapes, and types of containers.  Our gardens were limited in diversity, quantity, and creativity until 2008, which we termed the Year of Chaos.  We went through a gardening metamorphosis.  We stopped caring about the placement and quantity of seeds sown and began to work with Nature.

09 July 2011
Click to see image of the raised bed on 09 July 2011

In 2010, we designed our first raised bed garden.  The plot was vacant and had poor soil.  We "nursed" the soil back to health and created a design using the Open Source desktop publishing software, Scribus.  The design incorporated biodiversity, companion planting, interplanting, and growing "good soil."  Our design for 34 sq. ft.—the size of the raised bed—was created to house five gardens in one!

We believe in being creative, unique, and doing things differently...we will not use someone else’s design for your garden.  At

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