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Peace Be With You

Obiora, the Founder/CEO has written several articles about gardening, which have been mainly to inform the community‐at‐large about the local urban gardening movement and container gardening—an alternative to in‐the‐ground gardens.

He has been growing edible plants (fruit, vegetables, herbs, and edible flowers) from ecological seeds in container gardens for 14 years.  In the beginning, Obiora planted very few crops as he attempted to resurrect his "green" thumb.  Since then, the number of crops in each garden has grown and so has the quality and yield.  In 2009, he felt the container gardens were good enough to be sold by us.  As this is the case, every container garden must pass Obiora’s approval before it is sold.

The container gardens that we sell are "self‐contained," which means that the edible plants can remain in the container until harvest time without needing to be transplanted.  The plants that we sow will always be edible, non‐GMO, and grown from non–GE seeds by hand.