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Our farm policy, like our energy policy, is simply to use up all we can. We are (more...)

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Peace Be With You

This year, it is imperative that we as parents and caregivers begin to change the relationship that our children and other youth have with Nature and the relationships that they have with each other and us.  One such method of bringing about a positive transformation is to re-connect them with Nature, especially in a hands-on atmosphere.

It has been reported that our children are suffering from “nature-deficiency” and one way for our children to overcome it is to spend less time indoors and more time outdoors interacting with other youth, breathing fresh—moving—air, playing, and interacting with Nature on a deeper, more personal level through starting (or renewing) an urban garden.

Some of the benefits include: providing your family with fresh locally produced fruits and vegetables; greater awareness and appreciation of Nature and the environment; renewed sense of self and purpose; becoming more responsible, patient, loving, and nurturing; increased attention span; and gaining an opportunity to apply subject material from school to real-life.

One method that involves less time and preparation than conventional gardening is “container gardening,” which has primarily been used for flowers.  However, container gardening can be used to grow anything that you desire (indoors or outdoors) in containers.

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