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Peace Be With You
"Climate Change Action"
By Obiora Embry
Published in January 2011 Peaceways newsletter

Our actions, if guided by a sacred Earth connection will turn the tide and help to restore the balance that is necessary for all life on Mother Earth to survive.  Here in Kentucky, we have let money be our guiding force and we have turned a blind–eye to the desecration of our land, water, and air by industries that boost the economy at the expense of our collective health and the health of the environment.  This should no longer be acceptable as we shift our consciousness from capitalism and consumerism to an ideology that is Nature based.  We must go against the grain and take our collective and individual focus off of self.

Kentucky is recognizing the need to do things differently but working at the state level is unacceptable at this point and time, as we must act in the here and now, not months or years down the line. Besides, "actions speak louder than words" and it’s past time to act:

  1. If you have leftover food, give it away or vermicompost/compost it (along with other kitchen waste).  Encourage your child’s school to compost or vermicompost cafeteria waste.
  2. Reclaim "scraps" and make them into something useful.  Reduce the amount of items that you buy.  Reuse what you can (glass bottles, newspaper, old clothes, Mason jars, etc.).  Recycle what you can’t reclaim or reuse.
  3. Plant trees that will increase your city’s biodiversity, sequester Carbon Dioxide (some types of trees are better than others), provide shade and reduce the heat index, and provide habitat for wildlife.
  4. Consider walking as a form of transportation.
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