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Peace Be With You
"Climate Change: We need to act with a sense of urgency and purpose to S.O.S."
By Obiora Embry
Published in January 2011 Peaceways newsletter

We the people—the inhabitants of Kentucky, Turtle Island, and Mother Earth—MUST begin this new calendar year and decade with a sense of urgency and purpose to solve our current anthropogenic problems and the new ones that we continue to create.  We should have a sense of urgency because we have only 1 home—Mother Earth—and she has taken all she can from US.  We have gone beyond the point of no return and there is no longer a fork in the road, as we have only one path to choose, if we want to continue living here.

The effects of anthropogenic climate change are far–reaching and no continent or region is immune, even though some have their heads in the sand like an ostrich waiting for things to blow over.  However, the effects of climate change will not blow over and can get worse, if we do not act with a sense of urgency and purpose.

Our purpose is to become (if not already) environmental stewards and increase our ecological acumen.  This is easier said than done as our educational system does not teach US about the local environment...we are told that the environment is "out there" in a remote place, but the environment is outside our buildings and our buildings are within the environment.

We humans—I think—are born with an innate knowledge of Nature and therefore ourselves, since everything is connected.  If we unlearn the half–truths and lies we have been told about Nature, then we will find the true nature of Mother Earth within ourselves and we will have the tools to become part of the multi–tiered action–based solution.

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