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When did EConsulting™ become "eco‐conscious?"

The Founder/CEO has been an "eco‐conscious thinker" most of his life and his company is no different.  We firmly believe that eco–consciousness is not a fad but rather a way of life and it is the way in which we try to run our company.

How has EConsulting™ given back?

We formed in January 2006 and became active in our community the following year.  The philosophy that has helped us stay involved in our community has been an integral part of Obiora, the Founder/CEO’s life.  He believes strongly in supporting good causes and giving back.

In 2005, when Jim Embry, Obiora’s father moved back to Kentucky from Detroit, the urban community gardening movement in Lexington received a needed catalyst.  In 2007, we decided to get "our hands dirty" and began volunteering at some of the local community gardens.

Community Gardens

The Rock/La Roca Community Garden (Lexington, KY)

During the Summer of 2007 and 2008, we worked at The Rock/La Roca community garden.  The Rock/La Roca is an Episcopal church with a diverse congregation that understand the importance of being connected to the land.  As this is/was the case, a community garden was

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