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Peace Be With You
"Widening our circle of compassion" cont.’d
By Obiora Embry

we stay the course), then we—the people—will have to make immediate, drastic, holistic, and life altering changes (not reforms).  These changes are not really anything new per se as they encompass a return to indigenous, holistic, or Earth‐based thinking.  This thinking through work and research done by Max Planck, Albert Einstein, Buckminster Fuller, and others is often referred to as quantum thinking.

Classical thinking on the other hand has brought US the notion and idea of "being green"—a simple‐minded action often limited to reducing our energy consumption.  These activities have not led to a change in our mindsets, lifestyles, or even made us care more about each other, let alone the Earth as our focus is more on saving/making money, self and not the collective whole—humans and the other inhabitants of Mother Earth.  "Being green" has not undone the desecration, pillaging, and rape of Mother Earth and in some ways, "green" actions have continued what we have been told they would prevent by going with the less "bad" option.  By switching from one evil to a lesser evil—from incandescent bulbs to Compact Fluorescent Light (CFLs) bulbs, from a gasoline engine to a hybrid gas/electric engine, or from energy powered by coal to nuclear or hydrogen, etc.—our individual and collective actions cannot restore our only home, Gaia, to a stasis or equilibrium that can continue to sustain humans.

If we are to S.O.S., then we the people will have to create new options based on a new way of thinking, which means that we have to go beyond conserving electricity, recycling, and using "energy‐efficient" products.  In doing so, we will have to collectively and individually

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