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Peace Be With You
"Peaceways 2010 Recap" cont.’d
By Obiora Embry

information on the complex issue of energy (including artificial energy), CFLs, and their biological effects on humans.  I was not able to scale the article down so that it could fit in the printed issue, but you can read it online @

Hopefully the local utility companies, LFUCG government officials, Fayette County School public schools, UK (and BCTC), Transylvania University, private K‐12 schools, parents/guardians, etc. will heed the warnings and not blindly put their consumers, employees, students, children, etc. in danger by not giving them a copy of Facts about Compact Fluorescent Light (CFL) bulbs and Compact Fluorescent Light (CFL) bulbs and Energy.

I am looking forward to 2011 and to what the future holds...hopefully with time, we will see that the old way is not and never worked, therefore, we have to do things differently to make our world, our only home, Gaia, a better place.

Obiora Embry knows that we humans do not have 30+ years to deal with the current problems that we face from climate change.  He also believes that action must be taken now if we are to continue to sustain life for humans on Mother Earth.  We have to make changes that have a positive impact on each other and the environment—the one that exists outside of the 4‐walls that we call home and not over there in the "wilderness."  This is especially true for people of color and poor people as we are the ones that are most affected by the devastating and harmful effects of climate change!

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